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oh yes! not dead yet. :D

oh yes im not dead yet. lol

just a little update from me. baked cookies and cupcakes a few days ago and manage to kill some time:D was fun, a pity i was doing it alone:(
will post pics another day cause im lazy after all. tt explains my long hiatus rite? lol.

will post pics of my cat too when i find my camera cable. haha, normal for me to not find my stuff for those who know me. it's adorable, but very mischievous. oh and shin fung if you're here dont scroll down. it's a warning!

yeah. if laetitia you're waiting for me to say it, here's it is.

and happy birthday to me:D

edited at the time i found my cable - 8.33am

warning for shinfung.

i really wonder if you have any integrity.

im damn pissed!!!!!!!!

someone just texted me f****** b****, no offence. who the hell will not be offended?

i bet the first thing that comes to your mind is fucking bitch. pardon me for saying tt, anyway i did not put words into his mouth, it was quoted form the text messages he send me. he expects me to be not offended at all. and he said tt he was joking. he even have the cheek to ask me if he would be scolded for it.

and he called me tt just because i ask him do sth for me and i swear with my life i never agitate him at all.


he is my sec 1 cadet somemore. he doesnt even feel repentant at all when i demanded for an apology. cause he doesnt even bother to text a 'sorry' back to me. i will make sure he apologise to me personally or i will humilate him and make sure those 2 words will never come out from his mouth anymore.

he makes me think that i cant even teach my cadets basic respect. i've been thinking, what exactly have i taught my cadets. being rude to your ncos? saying whatever you like to ncos and expect them to take it as a joke?

or maybe i didnt even teach them anything?

anyway he lacks the basic integrity to apologise for sth wrong he did. even raymeo's 5 year old brother will know to apologise when he did sth wrong. so what does this say abt his level of intelligence?


or maybe he had memory loss.

i demand an apology from you! dont make me humilate you, i will make sure you


Dec. 14th, 2008

haha. yeah. i fake abt the date. haha. who cares lah. anyway here's a few pics. more pics to come:D


seafood platter!

fat crab:D

close up.

yeah tt's all. haha. cause i keep on eating and i forgot to take pics. so too bad loh. hope i'll rmb the next time:D overall not bad lah. but not full enough. haha. had a big appetite that night. but i dont think is worth it for the price loh. not full anyway. haha.


look on the bright side:*

we may have conflicts very often.
we may hate each other deep inside once a while.
we may cause hurt to one another.
we may doubt each other.

but now it's all over.

cause we are rvnps308 -- we do miracles.                                                  we make lifelong memories.



i wanna go to somewhere where there is nobody and scream out loud. just us.

dont follow us bacause we are sinners. it's all our fault. 

it all doesn't make sense.



omg. i was feeling freaking HIGH for these 3 days. these 3 days i was just doing nth except cca:( but tt means sqdmates for 3 days! so happy:) 

the first day of cca was just dozing off cause it was leacture straight for 8 hrs. except for 1 hr lunch break and such activities in between. but the second day was fun! and it made all of us so SUPER HIGH! whenever we sang a cheer it just made others stare at us green with envy and think how all of us can be so bonded. OMG! we were so HIGH that we sang belebanja and rvnp twice. LOUD & CLEAR. everybody could hear all of us clear. so happy. i think all of us hooked on belebanja and rvnp liao. wherever we go we have to sing these 2 cheers. at first there were some conflicts, but after all those cheering we decided to put all those grudges behind us and move ahead as a whole. :))

so today we sang again. and i think most of us except a few got wet! especially jj. haha! wet from head to toe. but no doubt it was fun. cause of sqdmates. <3 and of course we sang belebanja again at the tennis court of our old campus. and my np t got so dirty cause the guys were just kicking the dirty water up instead of the normal stamping. so i got even more wet. and sry jie le for keep stepping on u while singing belebanja. what abt rvnp. obviously we cant miss tt out. we sang it in the canteen while everybody was there. and it wad LOUD & CLEAR again. all of us shouted like mad. tt was what made me so happy :DD
p.s. im even more happy to know tt u r proud to be part of us. we love u. <3
i <3 my sqdmates!

you were the one who made us changed. we've got nth to say.


hello. very long since io post. this time im posting because i need ur help in completing this survey as i need the results urgently for one of my graded proj. 


pls, i need ur help in this. thanks
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ya. i know im hopeless.

i hate my life. totally. 

i should just go and die one day. im sure a lot of ppl does wantmeto disappear from the earth cause they hate to see me so much. 

but before tt maybe i shld just apologise for some stuff i have done cause maybe i wont have a chance to do it ever again: 

sorry to:
1. simin for unable to even draw a smile on ur face today. totally help felt helpless. sorry for embarrassing you at ur hse the previous day. and always breaking my promise of going sch with you when in the end you will always go alone because im never on time.
2. hui see for always quarellinng with you and ask you totally retarded questions. and irritating you by never being on time
3. shin fung for unable to console you at your darkest times and i was only concern abt cc comp tt time.
4. si yuan for always neglecting you and treat you for granted
5. ying ling for everything
6. lim simin for bullying you last year. i felt terrible abt it but couldnt tell you because of my pride. for laughing you short when im not tt tall 
myself. i'm so evil so i shld just go die.
7. annabelle for everything i have done
8. jie le for quarelling with you over stupid stuff
9. huimin for taking you for granted and not understanding you at times
10. shannon for always blurting out ur secrets and making u malu. i allow you to kill me but i think i will act faster than you.
11. laura for always not being understanding about ur point of view and insists tt u r always wrong
12. zhi qi for always laughing at you
13. you for helping you to jio her and suddenly just turn my back against you. but she really cant take any longer. im sry
14. to everyone for being vulgar, violent, retarded and idiotic
im totally hopeless so just ignore me. dont ever talk to me or you will get my retarded illness.

part 2
i know im heartless but im sorry i cant feel anything, anymore

i know im hopeless, im stupid and im just a retard who cant do anything well. but pls do not implicate my frens. they have nth to do with this. hanging out with them does not influence me or make me dont have time to study.since you want to seeme study so much, i will show you.showing you for the sake of showing cause i totally dont know the true meaning of for the benefit of myself. 

i cant even not fall asleep at all on the floor everyday and irritate you.not that i want it but i cane help it. i dont know the hell is wrong me.

fine. i just have to admit im retarded. im sry for being so retarded and to disgrace you to tell ppl im ur daughter. maybe u shld just disown and leave me at a corner to rot cause im just dirt in the first place. i shld just go die.

buy a gun and aim it at my head. i will do it myself if u dont know how to cause i find it disgusting to be on the earth even a second longer.


im dead.

cc comp results

aiyo. i still stuck in cc comp. cant get it over. anyway the main point is i very happy with the results. our sch was among the top in area 16. here's the long-awaited results:

girls: 27  guys: 52

girls: 98  guys: top 10, went in finals:(

girls: 86  guys: 140

girls: 121 guys: 64

girls: 69  guys: 30

31, 108, 153

conclusion: we are the best! i can only say too bad!:P haha. i feel evil but tt's ok:DDD


i want peace

i deleted all the thrash out post cause i want us to be like how we were back then. i want the sqd to be bonded before we take over.  i doubt neither of us want this way. i'm sure all of would love to see the sqd bonded.

now all the sqdmates are enthu. isnt this a good thing? i really hope that we will be bonded. perhaps i had been harsh with my words, but wad i can do now is to apologise. to solve this problem one of us have to give way, and i dont mind to be the one if by doing so we can be more bonded.

can we forget the past and be frens/sqdmates again. all of us really hope that we will be bonded as a sqd as rvnps308. 

can't we be like before? 

p.s. i l<3ve all of u;(